Children of the Promise, HAITI

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Prayer Requests 01-17-09

- Sonly went home on Thursday with his biological mother. He is healthy, walking, and doing so well! His mom loves him dearly and is so happy to have him home again. This brings a huge smile to my face . . . Sonly and his brother Jhonly came to COTP last March and both of them were very sick and malnourished. Jhonly passed away the day we admitted them. Sonly is a little miracle!!
- Saphirra went home with her biological parents. Her parents are both so happy to have her back with them. Saphirra’s mom was sick with Saphirra was born so she is very excited to have her baby home and be able to care for her. Pray that Saphirra does well, remains healthy, and continues to grow!
- Arlyn and Maria have arrived safely back at COTP. They had a wonderful time at home with their families.
- Richard turned 1 on January 14 and Jude turned 1 on January 9. Praise God for these two precious lives!

Staff and Volunteers
- Pray that everyone would work well together as a team.
- Pray that they would be a good example to everyone around them.
- Pray for wisdom, guidance, health, and strength for the long-term volunteers – Maria, Arlyn, Brice & Sara, Rebekah, and Lindsay.
- Rebekah is a nurse and will be helping out at COTP for 6 months. Pray for wisdom for her as she deals with the sick babies.
- Kimbra arrives on January 20 and will be volunteering at COTP for 4 weeks. Pray for safe flights for her and that her time at COTP will be a blessing, both to her and the babies and staff.
- Bud Bonnema, Tom and Denise (Brice’s parents), and Ellie (Brice and Sara’s daughter) arrive in Haiti next Thursday. Pray for safe flights for them and that their time in Haiti will be productive and beneficial.
- We have a lot of volunteers coming to COTP this summer! Pray for unity among the volunteers and that each of them would be motivated to do everything that they can for the babies.
- Pray that the new building (second story of the special care nursery) will be completed soon.

- Myllanta passed away Thursday night. Pray for Myllanta’s mother and those at COTP that so lovingly cared for her. Myllanta was 8 months old and had struggled with health problems throughout her short life here on earth. We rejoice knowing that she is healthy, whole and being rocked by her Heavenly Father.
- There is a virus going around and a lot of the smaller babies have been sick, especially the babies in the Jiraf room.
- Jesula was admitted to Milot Hospital on Thursday. She has lost a lot of weight and hadn’t been eating/drinking well at COTP. She is on an IV and has had labs/testing done to try and figure out what is going on. Pray that the doctors find out what needs to be treated so that she can be happier and healthier.
- Sasia and Irelene were admitted to Milot Hospital on Friday. They have both been struggling with vomiting and diarrhea. Pray for a quick return to health for both of them.
- The twins, Jenny and Jenniflore, are scheduled to go home this coming Monday. Pray that they will do well and that their mother will have the resources needed to care for them.

- Please continue to pray that we will have our Creche license soon. This is needed immediately so that we can begin processing adoptions again.
- Elijah had his birthparent interview last week and another paper is needed. Pray that it won’t take long to obtain this paper for him and that he can go home to his adoptive family soon.
- Pray for visa appointments for Caleb and Chrislande.
- The Embassy is reviewing Magalie and Peterly’s file. Pray that they will be granted a visa soon. They have been waiting so long.
- Pray that the adoption files will move through all the different offices quickly and that there will be no holdups or setbacks.
- Pray for a birthparent interview to be scheduled for Daniela.