Children of the Promise, HAITI

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Cholera Update and more

Its been a long time since we have updated this blog and we apologize. Our main person who updates the blog has had a baby and been busy with that along side of everyone in Haiti being extra busy with children coming and going and the issues with the new cholera outbreaks.

Cholera Update:

The cholera epidemic has spread to northern Haiti and cases have been confirmed in Cap Haitien and some of the surrounding areas. Reports have stated that over 1000 people have died from this disease so far. Many people are being treated at hospitals and clinics in the surrounding areas but cholera has not reached Lagossette, the village where we are located, and none of our nannies or their families have been effected by it yet.

Here at COTP our nannies are being extra vigilant about washing their hands, using hand sanitizer, covering food and water and using extra clorox to kill off any infection. We've also put up posters donated by the Community Health department from Milot hospital and cholera information sheets. Our nurse Amy has been teaching the nannies how to make rehydration fluids in their homes with sugar, salt, fruit and clean drinking water.

On Monday morning riots started in Cap-Haitien. These are different than what we have experienced in the past, (bottles being thrown, tires burning and things calming down after a few hours) this time it's much worse. We have heard that there were gun shots in town and at least three protestors have been killed, there were a lot of blockades too and people were throwing bottles/rocks and burning tires. Many Haitians want the UN to get out so they are trying to attack them and we have heard that these manifestations won't stop until the UN are gone.

Many of our nannies come from the Cap Haitien area and some of them couldn't make it to work and those that did had to pay extra money to get here. Tap-taps and motos are not running in town today. Schools are all closed and we've heard,there are no stores or banks open in town either. We've encouraged our nannies from Cap Haitien to stay at home over the next few days until it is safe for them to travel again.

We have enough supplies for a few day and we've been able to have some of our Haitian staff get some extra things in small quantities because stores in town where we can buy in bulk aren't open.

Fortunately, Children of the Promise has been relatively unaffected by the events in Cap. We have not had any cases of Cholera in our immediate area up to this point. We are pretty well stocked with medical supplies, in the event that we should need them. Most of all, we feel well supported by the people around us and trust that they will watch out for the well-being of our staff and kids. The number one thing all of you can do is pray. Pray for those affected by the riots and cholera, and pray for the people of Haiti.

Children Who Have Left:

Erickson's father has finally gotten to a point where he is able to bring Erickson back home with him. We are thrilled that Erickson has done well enough to be able to rejoin his family. He now weighs over 20 pounds and is a happy, active healthy baby. Please pray that he is able to transition back to his fathers care smooth.
Guerlande returned home with her mother on October 27th. Guerlande had been in our care since July after her mother’s home had burned down. While Guerlande lived with us her mother was able to find a new home for their family and she was excited to be able to take Guerlande back again.
On Wednesday Chelie returned home with her mother. Chelie has been doing well here and was 9 pounds 12 ounces when she went home (she weighed just 1lbs 13oz at admission). She'll be part of our formula program so we'll be able to help her for a while and see how she's doing at home.
Ashka passed away peacefully, but very unexpectedly on October 30th. Ashka had many medical problems and often had trouble keeping her oxygen saturation levels up but had not been sick before she passed. Ashka’s mother has already buried Ashka’s father and 4 siblings. Her nannies were wonderful with her and loved her dearly.
Children Who Have Come:

Moise was abandoned at our facility on October 18th. He appears to be about 2 years old and healthy. He's a very sweet little boy but unfortunately we don't know anything about his past history. We're grateful that who ever left him here knew that he would be safe,loved and cared for if he was here.
Fleurickson was admitted on October 25th. He’s 4 months old and his father brought him here because Fleurickson’s mother had passed away the week before. Fleurickson’s mother had been part of our prenatal program and Fluerickson appears to be a very healthy and well cared for. His father would like us to keep Fluerickson for 3 months while he tries to find more family members and friends that can help him with Fleurickson.
Sabine and Sabyna are 8 month old twin girls that we admitted on October 27th . The girls are under weight, had been sick and had scabies when their mother brought them here. Their father died in the earthquake and the girls’ mother has been struggling to provide for them and her older 3 children. She would like us to care for the girls for 3 months so she can find work and hopefully find someone to help her watch the girls while she’s working.

Manno was abandoned at a clinic in Cap Haitien and then transferred to Justinian Hospital over a month ago. Manno is approximately two years old; the hospital did not have any details about his family background or past. Manno is malnourished and weak; hopefully he'll gain weight, stay healthy and thrive here. He was discharged into our care on Friday November 5th.

Christine had been at COTP for 8 months this year; her mother took her home in September. Christine was readmitted into our care on November 8th. Christine’s mother is sick and has realized that she can not provide for Christine; she had noticed that Christine was loosing weight at home. She doesn’t want Christine to suffer and has asked that we care for her.

We admitted another new baby on November 9th; Lousiana (pronounced Lucy-Anna). She was born on October 10th of this year but her mother passed away on October 27th. Louisana’s father brought her here; this is their first child and he is devastated by the death of his wife and isn’t sure how to care for a baby. He’s asked us to keep Lousiana for a few months until she is a little bigger. Louisana’s mother had been healthy all throughout her pregnancy but became ill one week after giving birth. She was having trouble breathing and went to a local clinic with her husband where she was given some medicine but she died suddenly at home. Louisana appears to be healthy; she weighed 9 pounds 3.4 ounces when she was admitted. Lousiana is beautiful; she seems to be right on target too, she likes to look around a lot and drinks pretty well.