Children of the Promise, HAITI

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Tom and I were glad to be able to see where Brice and Sara are living and to bring Ellie back to them although we will miss her! We had good flights and are thankful to all who prayed for our safe travel. It was good to see the work going on at Children of the Promise and to see the relationships being made by the volunteers with the local people. We were impressed by all that goes on there and of course with the cute kids at the orphanage. There is good progress being made on the new building as well. We now have a better understanding of the day to day routine and their needs. Please continue to pray for all the volunteers as they work so far from their families. God bless you. Denise Bakker

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Prayer Requests February 10, 2009

“Be joyful always; pray continually; give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.”
1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

This weeks prayer list is shorter than usual because I want everyone to focus specifically on the adoption prayer requests and devote this next week to praying fervently and continuously for these precious babies that so desperately need to get home to their adoptive families.

- Caleb had his visa appointment last week and his visa was printed!! Praise the Lord! Visas being printed immediately after the child’s visa appointment are becoming few and far between. His adoptive parents are in Haiti right now picking him up. They will head home with him on Thursday. Pray for him to adjust well to his new family and his new home.
- Odelene went home to her biological family. She is happy and healthy and her parents are thrilled to have her back home with them. Pray for continued health for her.
- Reese is crawling
- Fabiene is walking
- Eli is close to walking!! Praise God for these developmental milestones that these babies are reaching!

Staff and Volunteers
- Lindsay and Rebekah have finished up their Creole lessons in Milot and now are back at COTP full-time. Pray for continued adjustment for them as they being their roles at COTP and for unity for all of our long-term staff.
- It is Kimbra’s last week at COTP. She is at COTP volunteering for a month. She has been a huge blessing and has used her nursing knowledge and her skills to help care for the smaller and more fragile babies.
- Travis, Arlyn’s brother, is back in Canada and looking for truck parts necessary for our red truck. Pray that these parts will be found.

- Jenny and Jeniflore are back at COTP. Their parents had them home for a short time before realizing that they were unable to adequately care for them.
- Djouvensly was admitted on Friday evening after being abandoned at Milot Hospital. He is 22 months old and 20lbs. Pray for him to adjust well to COTP and to begin meeting his developmental milestones. Pray that Antonio and Paulaine will be able to find his mother.

- Pray that our crèche license will be approved soon! We can’t begin any new adoptions until we have our own license.. This is crucial and necessary in order for us to continue our work.
- Some of our adoptive families have been stuck in IBESR or MOI for a long time. Pray for movement of these files.
- Pray specifically this week for these children, their adoptions, and their adoptive parents:
o Daniela – Daniela had her visa appointment last week but the Embassy is telling us that her file needs to be under further review. This means more waiting before her visa is approved. Daniela turns 2 on February 19 and we were all hoping she’d be home with her adoptive family by then. It is not looking like this will be the case. But we know that our prayers do not fall on deaf ears but that they are heard by a God that can move mountains!
o Peterly and Magalie – Peterly and Magalie have been waiting a very long time for their adoption to be finished. We received some news this morning that makes it sound like their visas will be printed soon. Please pray that this really is it and that they will receive their visas this week!
o Elijah – Elijah has had his visa appointment but the Embassy is requesting another paper before they will issue his visa. Pray that this paper will not be hard to get and that Elijah will be able to go home to his adoptive family soon!
o Chrislande – The Embassy is requesting DNA testing for Chrislande before they will issue her visa.. Pray that the results will be obtained quickly, the DNA will match, and Chrislande will be able to go home!
o Reggie – We have run into numerous problems with Reggie’s file. Pray that Antonio and NLL (the adoption agency that we work through) can get the necessary paperwork so that the adoption can be completed