Children of the Promise, HAITI

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Calendars and Cookbooks

We are happy to announce that we now have Cookbooks and Calendars for sale.

Our 2011 Calendars are up for pre-orders for a suggested donation of $20/each + shipping. Please have all your pre-orders in by Nov. 29th. You can email Robin Knight at with your order. Please include name, how many you want, and a shipping address. The calendars must be paid for before they are shipped to you.

Calendar Cover

We are also pleased to announce we have cookbooks for sale this year! Each of our cookbooks has 150 recipies in them and 100% of the proceeds goes towards COTP and the babies. You can order your cookbooks now and receive them after you have paid for shipping. Please email Jamie Groen at: for a cookbook order. They are a suggested donation of $10/each +shipping.

Cookbook Cover

Thursday, October 14, 2010

More baby changes

Once again, several children have gone home to be with their biological families and a few more children have been admitted into our care.

Mack has gone home to be with his family. He came to live with us just after the earthquake in January and lived with us for a few months. He has done very well in our care and gained over 10lbs. We are excited he was able to rejoin his family at home.
Wadney has rejoined his mother after only a short stay at our place. He only lived with us for a few weeks, but came with a bad facial abscess. His abscess has healed up wonderfully and he and his mother are thrilled to be back home with each other.
Christella’s aunt brought her here because her mother passed away 1.5 months ago and her aunt doesn’t have the means to care for her. Christella is underweight; but is a very interactive little girl. She has been cooing and smiling a lot since she got here. She can also sit up. She is almost 7 months old and weighs 8lbs 13oz.

Jenniflore's mother is from Pomme Gracia and had been attending our prenatal program. Jenniflore’s mother is paralyzed on one side of her body and has had seizures in the past. She had been having seizures at nighttime since giving birth and these have made her act out. Jenniflore is this lady’s second baby and she came to us with her grandmother who was afraid something would happen to Jenniflore if she stayed in their home. Jenniflore has an older sibling that the grandmother helps to take care of. Jenniflore is a beautiful little girl. She is drinking well and seems to be healthy. She is 12 days old and weighs 6lbs.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Many happenings

Its been awhile since we updated this blog. Many changes have happened with the census of our children.

Two of our children have gone home to be with their biological families.

Guerlin has gone home to live with his mom while we continue to work on his medical visa. His mother is doing wonderfully caring for him and loves him very much. We feel it is best for him to be with his mother at this time while we work on the paperwork. We continue to help with formula on a weekly basis to make sure he stays healthy and strong. Please pray that we are able to find a donating doctor/hospital for this little guy so that he can get healthy and return back to his mother.

Christine has gone back home as well. She was in our care since early January and had made great improvements in her health and development. She had learned to crawl, is nearly walking, and has gained over 9lbs. Her mother was very happy to take her back home healthy. We have also admitted several new children.

Asmessi was admitted on September 21st. He was born on September 5th and weighed 3 pounds 3 ounces at the time of admission. Asmessi’s mother is sick at this time so his father brought him to COTP and has asked us to care for him for a few months. Asmessi has been doing well; he drinks small amounts and his feedings are supplimented through his NG tube. He’s gained half a pound in his first week.

Gaelle Rene was also recently admittedinto our care. She is a 15 month old little girl who only weighs 11 pounds. Gaelle has some developmental delays and could not suck when she was admitted. Her family are originally from PAP but moved here after they lost their home in the earthquake. Gaelle never breast fed as she didn’t have a strong suck and her family have asked us to care for her for a few months in the hope that she will gain weight and start to do better. We’ve already noticed great changes in Gaelle; she is sucking from a bottle now, cries to be fed, and has started to babble a
little. She has been doing so well that she has been moved to the baby house recently.

Kalansy OFAAH, whom we have nicknamed Isaiah was admitted on September 30th. Isaiah was referred to us by a Haitian missionary who had been caring for him for two weeks. Isaiah was found in a house by himself in very bad conditions three days after his mother had abandoned him there. Nothing is known about Isaiah’s history and a local official has estimated that he is 12 months old. He has been adjusting well; he eats a little but does not drink much.

On Monday we admitted Djolande Riviere who was referred to us by an adoptive
parent who volunteers at nearby Terrier Rouge (between Cap and the DR boarder). Djolande is 17.5 months old but is extremely malnourished; she only weighs 12 pounds 1 ounce. Her mother does not have the resources to care for her and she has been sick for the past few months. Djolande will be stay with us for 3 months to gain weight and then her mother and the community in Terrier Rouge will care for her.

Two of our children are currently in the hospital. Please pray for both Eventz and Lou to get over what they are fighting quickly so they are able to return home with us.