Children of the Promise, HAITI

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

July 25, 2011

It's been another busy month for COTP (hence the fact that this is once again over due)!  Two of our long term staff member, Amy and Jenn, left for a three week break, and Nick left yesterday for two weeks as well.

Admits 3:

Christelle was referred to us by Rose Merlin's Grandma.  Both of her parents, as well as 13 family members have passed away from Cholera.  Her Grandmother has been taking care of her and her 3 older siblings, but was struggling to provide for Christelle's needs.  She will stay with us for a few months to gain weight, and then will return to live with her Grandma.  She is nine months old and weighed 9# 14 oz.  She has already gained a pound!

We heard about Keshla through Mama Baby Haiti, another mission in Cap Haitian who had been helping her with formula.  Her Mother had a seizure while holding her and she fell to the ground causing lacerations to the face.  Keshla is a very healthy 6 month old who weighs 14# 8.4 oz.  Her Grandma is very involved in her life, and she will be taking her back in a few months when their family situation is more stable!

Jeff's Father is not around and his Mother recently left him with some neighbors who were unable to care for him as they were 14, 18, and 22 years old.  The neighbors brought him to us after caring for him for three weeks and asked for us to help care for him until either they or his Mother are able to.  They believe Jeff is about nine months old although he may possibly be older.  He is a very malnourished baby weighing only 14# 10.2 oz.  He also has several skin infections on his body.  In the short time that Jeff has been with us, he has already gained a lot of weight and is starting to fill in and isn't covered with loose skin.  He has been smiling, laughing, and playing since the day he arrived.  He can crawl but can not yet stand or walk!

Discharges 0:

COTP Grads:
Assmessi came back this week with His Mother.  He has been sick and didn't look very good.  We sent him home with serum, food, and milk, and asked him to come back in two weeks for us to check up on him.  Please pray that he gets better soon and that he continues to thrive in his parents care.

Adoptions 2:

Odelande and Rivaldo's adoptions are nearing the end.  They are only waiting on one more step before they can join their new families.  Please pray that this last step moves quickly so that both children can leave soon and that they transition well to their new homes.

Birthdays 1:

Anel celebrated his 3rd birthday.  Each day we continue to be amazed by the developments he is making!


Our kids are doing amazing these days!  Adlin is fully walking.  Edly and Fleurickson have taken a few steps.  Jerry is talking up a storm and began to crawl (which we are so thankful for).  Wilson has started initiating holding peoples hands and all of the Lion children's language skills have improved dramatically over the summer and are now often heard signing un-promted through out the day!  


8 oz Bottles (really low)
Gerber (fruit purees)
Hand sanitizer
Liquid hand soap
Rice Cereal
Baby Lotion
Baby Shampoo
12 months- 2t boys shorts
Pudding and other soft snacks for the special needs kids
Bottle Brushes
Clorox wipes

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

First haircuts

In Haiti boys don't get their first haircut until after their first birthday.  Here at COTP, we honor that cultural rule.  We also ask permission from biological parents before we cut anyones hair to ensure that they don't want to grow their child hair out.  

Recently we had three boys receive their first hair cuts.  All were well over a year, but we loved their hair so much that we waited to cut it.  However it was finally time.  All three boys sat very well for their first cut and did amazing.  Below are some before, during, and after pictures of our amazing children!