Children of the Promise, HAITI

Saturday, June 25, 2011

June 25 2011

Sorry that this post is so over due, I was back in the States for two weeks and was not able to update the blog.  A lot has happened here while I was gone.

Admits 4:

Sterly was admitted to our formula program in April, however after his first appointment, he did not return for about 8 weeks.  This made us worried and we were curious why he did not come back but had no choice but to do a forced graduation from the program.  Out of the blue he and his Grandma returned in May and informed us that he had spent a great deal of time in the Hospital.  During this visit we learned a lot about this families situation.  Sterly's father is really young and his Grandma is the one who cares for him.  She also cares for two of his cousins.  The family doesn't have a house or any work and aren't able to provide for his needs.  Sterly was admitted to our care shortly after this visit.  His Grandma has found some work sweeping peoples homes and hopes to be able to take him back to live with her in a few months.  Sterly has been doing really well in our care so far.

Ezekiel was abandoned at our gate two weeks ago.  We have tried to track down his family, but haven't been able to find them.  We believe that Ezekiel is about 2 years old and that he has cerebral palsy.  He stayed for a week in the volunteer house, but now is living in the bumble bee room, which is one of our special needs rooms.  Please pray that Ezekiel thrives in our care.

A while ago we were contacted by a hospital who was interested in doing surgery for a child needing orthopedic surgery.  At the time we didn't know of anyone with this need, but God always puts the right people in our lives at the right time.  A few weeks after getting the email Ruth showed up at our gate with her parents.  Ruth is missing one foot and her second is deformed.  We began the med visa process for her and she continued to live with her parents for a few weeks before we eventually admitted her to COTP's care.  Her Mom is unable to breast feed and they don't have the means to pay for formula and unfortunately they live much to far away to be able to be admitted to the formula program.  Ruth will stay with us until we are able to take her to the States for her surgery.  Her parents love her dearly and are very excited to have her back in their care when her surgery is finished.  She has been staying in the volunteer house since she was admitted.  At 6 months old she only weighed 6 lbs and it was a struggle to even get an ounce in her at first.  Now she is drinking 2 ounces at a time and doing much better.  Please pray that she is able to get her surgery as soon as possible so that she can be reunited with her family.  Please also pray that she gains weight and starts to drink better!

While I was gone we also had another boy abandoned at our gate.  His name was Benson and he was much older than the children we normally take in.  He didn't know his exact age and kept changing it, but we eventually found out that he is around 8 years old.  Since Benson was so old, he was eventually able to show us where he lived and we took him back to his family.  Benson stayed at COTP for about a week before being reunited.  During his time here he stole many peoples hearts.  Benson was having sever stomach cramps, so we began treating him for worms.  We also took him to the doctors for a more through exam.  Benson is now living with his Sister, who is trying her hardest to take care of her little brother.  She loves him dearly and is doing all she can for him.  We have enrolled Benson in our school sponsorship program so that we can ensure he gets a good education and to relieve some of the financial pressures his family was facing.  Please pray that he does well with his family and that he thrives in his new school next year!

Discharges 0:

Birthdays 4:

Daniella and Chelie, two former COTP children recently celebrated their first birthdays.  When Daniella came she was 2 lbs 8 oz and Chelie was 1lbs 13 oz.  Both girls did really well in our care and were able to be reunited with their biological families when they were six months old.  Since then Chelie has been in the formula program, but was able to graduate on her birthday.  Daniella was admitted to the program, but her Father was able to apply for her nutritional needs, so she didn't continue in it.  Both girls came on the same day (which was Chelies birthday) so we baked a cake for them and celebrated their birthdays with all their old friends and nannies.  We are so proud of how well both of their parents are doing with them!

Rosemerline turned two and enjoyed celebrating her second birthday under the mango tree.
Fleurickson celebrated his first birthday yesterday.  He ate his cake very slowly, but still managed to make a mess all over his face, hands, and clothes!

Love Mica came back recently with her Grandmother.  Since she was discharged she has lost 4 lbs.  We admitted her into the formula program to help her gain weight and to unsure that she does well in their care.  Already we are seeing an improvement with her health.  She is very well loved and we hope that with this extra help she will thrive in their care.

Baby Wipes
Liquid Hand Soap
Clorox Wipes
Baby Lotion
Lactose Free Formula
Size 1-2 Diapers
Button down shirts for Theo/Nickensly
Fine toothed combs
Boy/Girl Underwear 2t-5t

Thanks so much for your support and prayers!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

June 1, 2011

Admits 2: 

Rose-Merline was admitted to COTP last August as a severely malnourished fifteen month old baby. She stayed at COTP until January when she was able to be reunited with her grandparents.  During her time at COTP, she gained a lot of weight and caught up developmentally.  When she was reunited with her family, she was also admitted to the formula program so that we could ensure a smooth transition home and that she continued to gain weight and do well developmentally.  Each month that Rose Merline would return, she had lost weight.  The Grandma loves her dearly and wants what is best, but is unaware of what nutritional needs toddlers have.  We continued to educate her on this area, but Rose Merline continued to loose weight.  Rose Merline has since been readmitted to COTP.  She has been gaining weight well here and has readjusted really well!  She is currently living in the Bato room, but we hope to move her up to the toddler section soon!

Fritlin's came to us a few days ago because his parents are currently unable to care for him.  He is doing really well developmentally and has transitioned well to life here.  His parents are hoping to be able to bring him home with them in three months!  Please pray for this family and this amazing little boy!

Discharges 0: 

Birthdays 1:
Joshua recently celebrated his 5th birthday.  He was very excited as all of his friends and nannies gathered around under the tree and ate cake!  His nannies even enjoyed wearing birthday hats with him!

Development 2:
Rodney and Christella are now walking!  

Baby Wipes 
Liquid hand soap 
Baby lotion 
Hand sanitizer
Diapers, All sizes
8 oz bottles (used for Formula program as well)