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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

New Website

Hey Everyone,

As many of you know, COTP's new website is now up and running!  Our new site has a blog section directly on it.  In order to keep everything together better, we will only be posting on there and will no longer use this page!  Please check out our website or our Facebook page for updates on our amazing kiddos and programs!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Long Over Due!

I know, I know, this is a long over due update, but things have been crazy around here!  At one point this week we were up to 61 kids!  I will try my best to add in every thing new that has happened, but since it's been so long, I may miss some!  Sorry for the long gap between posts, hopefully things will slow down enough that this won't happen again!

Admits LOTS! 

Sandrine came to COTP in October after being referred from a visiting Pediatrician at a local hospital.  She had been in their Medika Mamba program but never gained weight.  Afterwards she was enrolled in their Nutrition Program, but still was not doing well.  Sandrine came to us the day after her second birthday and weighed only 2 lbs.  Her Mom just gave birth to another child this week.  Her main care giver is her 16 year old sister who also has a 10 month old of her own!  Since being at COTP, she has been eating Medika Mamba and is gaining weight.  She can now stand and put pressure on her legs, which is a huge improvement!  She is making great developments developmentally!  Please continue to pray for her!

Anderson was also referred to us by the Pediatrician in Milot and came the same day as Sandrine.  He is 15 months and weighed 11 pounds 1 oz at admission.  He gained weight in Milot's Medika Mamba program, but quickly lost it all.  Since graduating the program, he was enrolled in their Nurtion Program, but as with Sandrine, didn't gain weight.  He has also been eating Medika Mamba here and is beginning to be a chunky little baby and is enjoying playing way more!

Ivenot came to COTP three days after his Mother passed away from Cholera.  His Dad loves him dearly, but is young and not sure how to care for the needs of a four month old baby.  Ivenot is a healthy, chunky little boy, who will be returning home with his father in a few months.  His Dad doesn't have any family members to help him care for a baby, but is hoping to find a neighbor to help him out!  Please pray he finds someone and that Ivenot can be reunited soon!

Last year a little boy who we called Moise was abandoned at our gate.  After three months, his Mom came back for him with several ways to prove that she was his Mother.  We also learned that his name was actually Fred.  He has been living with his Mom since last December.  Fred has been back to visit a few times and always looked good.  However, his Mom is currently going through a rough time and felt she had no choice but to abandoned him at our gate again this week.  She left a note explaining the situation.  This is obviously very difficult for Fred, but we feel he remembers this place as he is adjusting much quicker this time.  Please pray for him and for his Mother who felt she had no other option.

Modelin was referred to us by another missionary in the area.  He is 17 months old and was a very weak, lethargic baby when we admitted him.  He has already had surgery to repair his cleft lip, but was to malnourished for his cleft pallet surgery.  His Mom was trying her best to care for him, but was unable to provide him the correct diet he needed to gain weight.  He has been eating well since coming here and is gaining good weight.  His personality is amazing!  He is so adventurous and wants to play constantly.  This is a huge change from the limp baby we met a few weeks ago!  Please pray he gets his surgery soon and can be reunited with his family!

Gedline came to us about a month ago with her very aged Grandmother.  Her Mom had passed away not quite a month prior to admit, leaving her Grandma to care for her and her 5 siblings.  Gedline was a very tiny malnourished 5 month old with a large abscess on her chest.  Her health has improved a lot in the month she has been here and she is slowly starting to gain weight.  Please pray for her whole family during this time and that her Grandma will be able to make decisions that are in Gedline's best interest!

Chelie lived at COTP for six months starting in the summer of 2010.  At admit she was 1# 13 oz, a tiny little baby.  She was able to be reunited with her Mom last winter and then was enrolled in the Formula Program for 6 months to ensure she had a smooth transition home.  The first few months were a bit shaky as her Mom was unsure if she would be able to care for the needs of such a young baby.  With lots of encouragement, Chelie began to thrive in her Moms care and she graduated the program.  However, she came back last week and had lost weight from when she graduated the program 5 months before.  I went and visited her in her home yesterday and she was very ill and not doing well at all.  We decided that she needed immediate intervention and brought her back to COTP that day.  We immediately started her on an IV.  She is very weak and incredibly malnourished, but we are praying she will pull through.  She will stay with us for at least a few weeks to return her to full health while her Mom decides what to do about her future.  Please pray she gains weight quickly and that we can find a way for her to successfully be able to be reunited with her Mom who loves her dearly.

Lou's older sister, Cyndi Love, also joined us at COTP recently.  Their mother is ill and feels she can no longer care for the needs of either of her children.  We spent a month counseling her about this decision to ensure she fully understood her options.  Cyndi Love has been doing amazing here and is quickly learning English!  She loves being with her brother and is often seen trying to give him toys or spoon feeding him!  We are so thankful that these two were able to be reunited!  Please pray for both of them and that their adoption goes quickly!


Moise was abandoned outside of Heartline Ministries in Port au Prince and spent nearly two months living with the Livesay family before being brought to COTP.  We believe he is about 2.5 years old and potentially has brain damage from untreated meningitis.  He is such a sweet happy little boy who we all love dearly!  We are incredibly excited to announce that Moise already has a new Family who are excited about adopting him!

Discharges 1:

Sterly was just reunited with his Dad and Grandma this week!  During his time at COTP, he gained four pounds, learned to sit up, and went from being a grumpy little boy to loving to play, and smiling when interacted with.  He has a great family and we are confident he will do great!  He celebrated his first birthday two days after going home!  Please pray for this family during their time of transition and that Sterly continues to make good developmental gains!

Sterly with his Dad and Grandma!

Adoptions 1:

Irelene was united with her adoptive family this month which we were all so thankful for.  She quickly bonded with her new parents and only wanted to be with them!  We were so thankful for the time we were able to love on this beautiful little girl, but are even more thankful that she will now grow up in a loving family!  Please continue to pray for her as she transitions into her new life and family!

Irelene during her going away party with Evan, one of her nannies!

Haitian adoptions are going really slow right now.  Please pray the pick up quick and that we can process our kids' cases as quickly as possible so that they can be united with their families!


We have had  a lot of COTP Grads come back recently, and all are doing amazing.  We were excited to see Gina, Maggie/Magdaline, Djodlande, Jackson, and Frandly.  All are doing great in their homes and developing well.  Each one of them is at their goal weight and height which is great to see!  We love all of these kids dearly and are so thankful to see they are doing well in their homes!

Birthdays LOTS:

Daleson turned 3!

Sandrine turned 2!

Ezekiel turned 2!

 Kenlove turned 2!

Emmanuel turned 1!

Louciana turned 1!

Jennie Flore turned 1!

Fleurickson, Jennie Flore, and Loucianna are all walking!  

Anel has taken several unassisted steps! 

Keshla is sitting up on her own and Adleyson almost is!

Med Visa's:

Guerlin received his med visa and has traveled to the States to receive heart surgery.  Please pray it goes well and he's able to return home to his Mom soon!


Rice Cereal
Kids clothes, size 9 months - 2t, especially shorts
Liquid Hand Soap
Hand Sanitizer
8 oz (or greater) hard nippled zippy cups

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

September 21, 2011

Admits 4:
Madianne came to COTP on the 19th of this month.  Her Mother passed away a month ago.  She has been ill, and while visiting a clinic in his area, they recommend he bring her here.  Rose Guerda’s Mom showed him where we are located.  Madianne’s Dad has a deep love for her and truely want’s what is best for her.  He is capable of working, but has no one to care for her while he is gone during the day, and therefore is unable to.  She weighs a mere 10 lbs at 7 months old.  We are going to do try and help get her healthy and reunite her with her father in a few months!

Alfred and Alfredo’s Mom passed away the day they were born.  They were brought to us by their father and Aunt when the were 8 days old.  They are from over an hour away.  At admit they were 5 & 3 lbs.  They have been drinking well and gaining weight.  For being new borns they are both very lively and their personalities are already showing!  Please pray that both boys gain weight fast and are able to be reunited with their family quickly!

Chode Berline AKA Wadline is a three month old princess that came to us a week after her Mom passed away.  She was brought by her “Grandma,” a lady that her Mom knew and trusted well.  The Grandma has no means of caring for such a small baby and is very old and in poor health.  Wadline only weighed 5 lbs at admit.  She has already gained weight and is now 6 lbs!  She is a beautiful little girl and is doing really well here already!  Please pray that she also gains weight quickly and that her stay at COTP is short!

Discharges 1:
We are beyond excited to announce that Annelle has been reunited with her Mom!  We have been looking forward to this day for a long time as she comes from an amazing home and has a Mother that loves her dearly!  We are completely confident that her Mom will do everything in her power to advocate for and care for her youngest daughter!  We have already seen her strength in advocating for the medical needs of her son.  Please pray for Annelle who struggled to gain weight here.  Please pray for their entire family during this transition!

Nickensly can now hold up his own head during tummy time.  He can also roll from his tummy to his back!  Praise the Lord for these developments!  We are so proud of our little Nick!!
Fleurickson and Lou are both walking now!  Lou has also began talking!
Adleyson is begining to crawl!
Anel has been walking for a while now, but thanks to his braces, his feet are now turning forward rather than out as they were before!
Five of the kids in the Elephant room have began potty training!
Birthdays 3:
Isaiha celebrated his 2nd birthday last week!  He loved his cake and had a fun birthday party under the Mango tree!  He is doing so well and we are very pleased with the developments he’s making!

Joseph celebrated his 1st birthday earlier this month!  It’s amazing to see how far he has come!  All of the Boat and Girraf kids enjoyed celebrating with him!

Manno also celebrated his birthday, turning 3!  He is such a sweet handsome little boy, and we were excited to be able to spend this day with him!  He enjoyed the attention as well!
Jennie Flore has an appointment in Port au Prince on the 26th.  Please pray it goes smoothly.
Irelene has her Visa appointment on the 28th!  This is her last stage of the process!  Please pray it goes quickly and smoothly!
Wedly’s adoptive parents are coming to fill out some paper work this week.  Please pray they have safe travels and they are able to get everything done.
Please pray for all three of these kids’s adoptions and that we are able to unite them with their new families as quickly as possible!
Receiving blankets (all out)
Small quilts/blankets (all out)
Gerber fruit/veggie Purees (very low)
Newborn Diapers (we have less than a weeks worth and we have 6 kids using them)
Liquid hand soap (all out)
Baby wipes (all out)

Friday, September 9, 2011

School Sponsorship Program

Last week we had a meeting/party for all of the 97 kids in our school sponsorship program.  This program has been getting a major over hauling since Jenn and Renel took over it!  After the meeting all of the kids filled out a card about themselves and drew a picture which will be given to their sponsors.  They also received their back packs and school supplies for the year.

COTP's school sponsorship program is unlike the average program which normally just sponsors kids at one school.  All of our kids, however, are related to COTP in some way.  Some are kids who lived here as infants and have been reunited with their families.  Others are our kids siblings or nannies children.  They are all conected to COTP in some form.  Because of this we have 97 kids that go to nearly 30 different schools!  It's a great way for us to ensure that children we reunite are able to be successful in their homes and futures!

Thanks to everyone who helps sponsor these amazing children to go to school!  You are changing not only their lives, but the lives of their families and community as well!

Filling out their sponsorship cards!

Louna, Odelande's older sister!

Going home after the meeting!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

September 3, 2011

Admits 2:

Marceline's family is a neighbor of one of our nannies.  The Mom is not married and has no one to help support her and her 6 kids.  Marcline is the youngest at 20 months and they range up to 11 years old.  Sometime the neighbors give them food to eat, but often they go hungry.  Marcline is malnourished but relatively healthy.  She weighs a mere 12# 12 oz at admit.  She has been here for about 2 weeks and is adjusting well.  Her Mom hopes to be able to take her home in 3 months!  Please pray her Mom is able to find work to help her support her family!

Emmanuel came to us earlier this week.  His Mother is young but is very smart.  She was in the 9th grade (which is very impressive) when she had him and had to drop out of school.  She has breastfeed him his whole life, but she doesn't eat well herself and so her milk isn't nutritious.  She was begging for food one day when and IBESR official (Haitian Social Services) and refereed her to us.  The fact that he refereed here here is pretty huge for COTP!  Emmanuel is 10 months old and weighed 10 lbs.  Besides for a cough he is doing really well here.  Please pray that his Mom finds work and is able to provide for his needs.  Please also pray that he gains weight quickly and catches up developmentally.

Discharges & Home Visits 1:

Two weeks ago Fritzlin returned home to live with his Aunt.  We asked her to come back earlier this week for a check up and to receive more formula.  Fritzlin had been sick and lost some weight, but we are confident he will do well.  His Aunt loves him dearly and is aware of the needs of infants.  I returned home with her to see where she lives.  They have a nice home in a beautiful community.  His Aunt is not only the leader of her house but of her community.  They live in Port Margot which is 1 hour away by moto.  Please continue to pray for Fritzlin.  His father passed away recently and his Mother, although she lives near by, is unable to care for him!

Annelle should be going home next week.  Please pray for her and her family!  She has an amazing Mom and we are confident she will do well!  Amy and I will be taking her to her house to see where she lives!

Birthdays 1:

Irelene celebrated her 3rd birthday recently.  She looked beautiful in her dress and with barrettes in her hair.  So much has changed since her last birthday.  This year she scarfed down her cake where as last year it took her over an hour and she didn't even finish her piece!  Irelene is waiting on one last step for her adoption to be complete.  Please pray that this happens soon and she is able to be united with her new family quickly!

COTP Grads 3:
Moise AKA Alfred came back last week.  He is doing really well and has bonded well with his Mother. Please pray for them as she doesn't have a lot of resources to pay for his needs.

Wadney has been coming back recently as well.  He has been having some medical issues that we have been helping pay for.  Please pray this gets straightened out soon.  Over all he's doing really well!  He will also be in our school program.

Asmessi spent two weeks in the hospital but was released on Monday.  He is still very sick and in need of prayers.  He has two amazing parents who love him dearly and know the needs of an infant.  They are doing what they can to help him stay healthy.

Liquid hand soap (we are COMPLETELY out of this and have not been able to buy it any where in Cap Hatien or at the DR boarder where we commonly buy supplies.  With changing 315 diapers a day, we really need to find more!)
Baby Wipes (we are completely out of these as well)
Childrens Snacks (crackers, garnola bars, etc)

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Hurricane Irene

Hurricane Irene is on it's way to Haiti, specifically Cap Haitien where we are located.  So far we have had several heavy rain storms, but no wind yet.  It appears that by time it hits us it will only be a tropical storm. Everyone at COTP will be fine, our compound is safe and secure.

*Please pray for all of our nannies, community, and biological parents who may not have adequate housing.
*Please pray that there is no flooding and that our roads don't wash out.
*Please pray that this storm doesn't worsen Cholera in our area.
*Please pray for the nannies that work today and aren't home with their families.
*Please pray this is the only storm of the season.
*And please pray we are able to help all of those who come to the gate over the next few weeks asking for help as a result of this storm.

Thanks, COTP Staff!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

August 16, 2011

Admits 7:

Stephane came to COTP about 2 weeks ago. His Mother passed away 3 days after he was born from Cholera. Stephane spent 1 month in the hospital at Milot in NICU. When he came to us he weighed 5# 8.4 oz at a month old. He is drinking well and gaining weight. He is a really easy baby and loves to be talked and sang to.

Kevens came to us the day after Stephane. His Mom passed away during childbirth and he spent the first 2 weeks of his life in the hospital at Milot. His father loves him dearly but can't work and care for a newborn. He has no one to help him with such a small baby. He hopes to take Kevens back when he is bigger and more stable. At admit he was 18 days old and weighed 5# 5.4 oz. He also is drinking well and doing great here.

Raphail came to us the same day as Kevens. He is 4 months old and weighed 4# 4.5 oz at admit. His father passed away a few months ago from Cholera. His Mom is also sick but stable. He spent 2 months in the hospital and his Mom stayed with him, but didn't have anyone to help with his five older siblings that range in age fro 12-3. He was covered in scabies when he came and in fairly rough shape. His Mom is hoping we can help get him health and that her baby will be able to return to her when he is big and strong enough.

Raphail and his Mom

 Of course with three babies all 5# and under this means we are in need of some Newborn Diapers!

Michelda came to us a few days ago. She is 13 months old and weighs 13 lbs 3.2 oz. Her father has passed away leaving just her Mom to care for her and her five older siblings. Her family doesn't have a home and sleeps outside behind some rocks. When it rains they get wet. Michelda recently spent 2 months in the hospital but seems to be relatively healthy. her Mom is hoping to improve her situation within the next few months so that her daughter can return home with her. Please pray that she is able to do so.  She is currently in the Bato room and is eating and drinking well.

Emmalie came to us the same day as Michelda. Her father came on Wednesday and asked us to keep her, but he was told to return the following day with needed documents. He came back but still didn't have the paperwork. He left her at the gate without us knowing. He is a neighbor of one of our nannies so we will be able to find where he lives. Emmalie's Mom passed away recently. She is the sister to a former COTP grad. She is doing really well here and over all healthy. She four months old and weighs 10# 9 oz.  She is currently out in the Jiraf room and is doing really well!

Daelson and his sister Amstamaelle came yesterday.  I first met Amstamaelle in the hospital about a month ago.  She had kashikor (advanced malnutrition) and was covered in a skin infection.  She spent two months in the hospital.  I was approached and asked if I could help her.  I gave her aunt my phone number and told her to call me when she was discharged.  She came out last week and was asked to come back with paperwork.  We were also told that her 2.5 year old brother was ill, so she returned with him.  Both children are malnourished and covered in scabbies.  Their parents passed away and they have been being cared for by their aunt who has 4 of her own children.  They also have a 6 year old brother.  Please pray that they do well in our care.  Daelson is already smiling and he talks a ton!  He is potty trained and doing well. Amstamaelle is a slow drinker, but is slowly getting the hang of it.

Discharges 3:

Edly and Ederly went home yesterday to their biological Mom. I was able to accompany them to their home which is an hour and a half away from COTP by truck. They live in a beautiful area of Haiti. The Ed's Mom loves them dearly and wants to be able to provide for them, but she doesn't have any family to help her. We are going to keep a close eye on them and have them come back regularly for checkups. Please pray that they do well in her care and that they continue to grow and gain weight. Thankfully both boys learned to walk before they left.

Edly and Ederly w/ their Mom

Christelle had spent a lot of time going to and from the baby and volunteer houses as she kept having fevers. Last week she broke out in a rash and so Amy and Jenn rushed her to the hospital where she was diagnosised with Menigicocilemaia. She passed away later that afternoon. Please pray for her Grandma and Family who took the news really hard.

Birthday 1:

Mickenson celebrated his 4th birthday.  He loved his cake and all the attention he received that day!

Adoptions 2:

Rivaldo's adoptive parents came in on Thursday and Odelandes Mom came in on Saturday. We are so thankful that each of these two will be able to grow up in loving families. Please pray for their travels and that they transition well to their new homes and families. Please also pray for their biological families.


Manuella and Luciana are pulling themselves up to stand!


Baby Shampoo (almost out)
Liquid Hand Soap (almost out)
Childrens Snacks (almost out)
Hand Sanitizer
Lactose Free Formula
Cholorox Wipes
Diapers newborns-4's
Gerber Fruit/Veggie Purees