Children of the Promise, HAITI

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


We have had some amazing groups volunteer at COTP over the past few months!  These groups have all been busy and have completed several projects that have needed to be done for a while!  We are very appreciative of all they have accomplished in their time here.  Take a look at some of their work!

Solar Panel Projects

Stairs to the roof where the panels will be installed.
Building where the batteries & Inverters will be housed.
Digging Trenches to run the new wiring.


First these two walls had to finish being built...
And then they were all painted.

Baby House:
Shelves for the Giraffe room.

Shelves in the Alligator Room.

Cubbies for the Lions Room.

Thanks to every one who has been involved in each of these projects!  We are very excited to have all of these done!

In Regards to Babies, We have only had one discharge and no admits!


Alexis came to COTP on December 7th 2010 with his Uncle.  Both his Mom and his Dad had passed away.  Three months later, on March 8th, he was able to be reunited with his Uncle.  Please continue to pray for this family as they adjust to living together.



Annelle and Annella celebrated their first birthday last week.  The girls Mom, sister, Aunt, and cousin were all able to attend their party which made it extra special.

The twins with their Mom and Sister.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

March 3 2011 Update

As always, things here in Haiti are changing.  We have decided to postpone the installation of our solar panels until April to give more time for shipping.  We would hate for our team to arrive to install them only to find out that the panels had not arrived in time.  It's important that everything goes as smoothly as possible, and this will help us ensure that this happens!  Once again thanks for all the support to help make this dream become a reality!

Admits: 1

Kenlove recently went home to his aunt, however after about a week and a half she brought Kenlove back to our care.  He has done amazing readjusting to life here and is enjoying being in the Zandolit room now with the bigger kids!  Please pray that he continues to do well at COTP.

Discharges: 2

Asmessi was brought to COTP a few days after he was born, weighing only 3 pounds.  He spent a long time in the volunteer house so that we could ensure that he gained weight.  His father visited often and is very much in love with his son.  He was very excited when we informed him that his son was now big and healthy enough to return home.  Asmessi is in the formula program so that we can continue to monitor his weight gain.  We have already had the privilege of seeing him come back and he is doing great in his parents care!

Rosar was brought to us in November by her Uncle after her Mother passed away from Cholera.  While Rosar lived with us she celebrated her first birthday, began to walk, and gained a lot of weight.  Recently Rosar was able to return home to her biological family who missed her dearly!


We recently had the privilege of celebrating Anita's, one of our nannies form the Zandolit room's, 50th birthday!  Anita loved wearing the birthday crown and the children enjoyed signing to her and most importantly eating her cake!  Anita is a great employee and is amazing with the children!  We feel so blessed to be able to work with such an amazing lady!

Note: Our internet is too slow today to upload pictures.  Sorry for the inconvenience!