Children of the Promise, HAITI

Friday, December 17, 2010


Once again, its been a while since our last update. We have a few changes in our baby census.


Gaelle has returned home with her parents. She weighed 15 pounds 2.4 ounces when she left. She’ll be part of our formula program for some time in hopes that’ll help the transition home.

Wednaldy returned home with his cousin on December 3rd. Wednaldy had been admitted to COTP in September when he was very weak and malnourished. He’s done very well here and his personality has begun to shine through. Wednaldy weighed 20# 6.8 oz when he left.

Admitted Children:

Givens was born on February 13th of this year. His mother brought him two days ago because she's been struggling to care for him. She said he hadn't eaten for days. Givens' family live under a tarp and his mother collects cardboard boxes to try and put around their home to keep the family warmer. His father died last year, while the mother was pregnant, and since Givens has been born she hasn't been able to find work. Givens was sick recently and spent a month at the hospital; he was on oxygen for a while so the mother stopped breast feeding. He was also treated for malnutrition, vommiting and diarrhea. Givens has slightly swollen feet now. He had been on a feeding program in town but the mother explained that he eats in the morning and then cries all evening and all night. Givens weighs 10 pounds 3 ounces. He can sit up but isn't crawling. He's been drinking a little but mostly just wants to sleep.

Christ Arly (Arly) is a little boy who was born on Saturday with spina bifida. Arly was born at Milot via c-section (his mom has one other child who is 2 and was born by c-section so the doctors wanted her to have a c-section with this baby too). Arly is a beautiful little boy. His mother had 2 ultrasounds while pregnant but the doctors had no idea that Arly would have any complications. He's been drinking well and we are working hard to keep his sac clean. Please pray we are able to find him care soon. His parents love him very very much and call several times a day to check on him.

Marie was admitted into our care after we heard about her from the local hospital. She was born on December 1st and her mother died during child birth from eclampsia. While she was at the hospital a Haitian couple fell in love with her and wanted to adopt her. As the hospital doesn't do adoptions the baby was released into our care and the couple was told to contact us. The adoptive family is very eager to bring Marie home and seem very sweet. The husband is an engineer and his wife worked as a lab technician, they've been married for 10 years but don't have any kids. When I asked if they wanted to hold the baby yesterday they got so excited and then put on hand sanitizer before taking her from me. She's a beautiful little girl and weighed 6 pounds 9 ounces when we admitted her. She's drinking well and hopefully will be able to go to her forever family as soon as they have all their paperwork ready.

Rosar (pronounced Rose-A) was admitted on November 24th. She is almost 11 months old and
weighed 12# 2.6 oz on admission. Rosar was brought here by her uncle because her mother died
of cholera. Rosar does not have anyone to care for her at this time so she’ll stay with us for a few months while her uncle figures things out. Rosar is eating and drinking well.

Love-Mica was brought here by her grandfather on November 25th. She was born on July 13th and weighed 11#11.2oz when admitted. Love-Mica’s mom has died from cholera and her dad was sick with cholera when she was admitted. Love-Mica will stay with us for 3 months and then will be admitted to our formula program and be cared for by other family members. Love-Mica has been drinking well.

Alexis (pronounced Alex-E), was admitted on December 7th. Alexis was born on August 24 and weighed 14# 5.8 oz on admission. His father had passed away while his mother was pregnant. Alexis mother just passed away on November 27th. His uncle has asked us to care for him for a few months while he’ll figures out the best way to care for him. Alexis appears to be a very healthy baby.

Davideson had gone home with his family a while back, but his parents have realized they just can not care for him. They live in one of the poorest places we have seen yet. During his short stay at home he had lost 2 pounds. Please pray for Davideson's parents as they continue to figure out what is best for their son. For now, Davideson is back in our care.