Children of the Promise, HAITI

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Hurricane Irene

Hurricane Irene is on it's way to Haiti, specifically Cap Haitien where we are located.  So far we have had several heavy rain storms, but no wind yet.  It appears that by time it hits us it will only be a tropical storm. Everyone at COTP will be fine, our compound is safe and secure.

*Please pray for all of our nannies, community, and biological parents who may not have adequate housing.
*Please pray that there is no flooding and that our roads don't wash out.
*Please pray that this storm doesn't worsen Cholera in our area.
*Please pray for the nannies that work today and aren't home with their families.
*Please pray this is the only storm of the season.
*And please pray we are able to help all of those who come to the gate over the next few weeks asking for help as a result of this storm.

Thanks, COTP Staff!

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