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Monday, January 25, 2010

Note from Jan

Kali from Senator Klobuchar's office called. Because the flight came in later last night and into Bradenton, they (not sure if it's immigration or Health and Human Services) felt they did not have enough time to process the families. Therefore, they are supposed to take the children to a safe place until they process everything. Unfortunately last night this was was done in a manner detrimental to the children and parents. They are working with immigration, Health and Human Services and others to make sure that this does not happen again. They want parents to be prepared to be at immigration for a time to make sure they can finish the processing. Kali's office also wants to be kept in the loop of when and where children are flying in to also prevent this from happening again.
Regarding adopted children that still need to get into the U.S. This afternoon President Preval was meeting with Hillary Clinton and other U.S. officials to determine what forms or information that Haiti should have regarding these children that are leaving. Haiti would like information on the children that leave. This is not stopping the adopted children from leaving. It is simple a "pause". When Kali asked how long of a pause, she was told "not a week".
Kali has the entire list of our adopted children from every state. So does Maura from USCIS. When we start getting parole letters for our children to leave the country again, we will try to work ahead with our planning so that Kali and the others are prepared for their entry into the U.S.
Agape Flights has been a huge blessing to COTP to get our children out. The flights have been donated. Yesterday it was one pilot who was a passenger and escort to all 5 children.
We will continue to work together.
Please pray that more children will be released this week straight to their adoptive parents. That 3 kids who need medical help and don't have families could get out.
A helicopter was supposed to have landed this afternoon at COTP bringing in injured children from Port au Prince. We need the adopted children to get out to make room. We could use any people with medical backgrounds to help us also.
keep praying,

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Sarah said...

I am able to come down to help, escort medical visa children or host here. Let me know what you need. I can see if I can find some other nurses that might be able to go down as well. I do have a few leads here for medical care that I am following up on. If you know of specific needs, that would be great.
Sarah Williams