Children of the Promise, HAITI

Monday, January 25, 2010

Note from Robin

There has been so much happening the last few days. Things are not looking good for Haitian adoptions. Please please just pray!! Last night we had 5 of our kids leave and now 2 of them are being held in "protective" custody 3.5 hours away in a GROUP HOME. One of these little boys has to take medication every day and we only packed a few days worth. The family was going to take him to the doctor right away. We have two more babies flying out this morning.
Daryl has not yet gotten to PAP. His charter flight keeps getting pushed back. He is now scheduled to arrive tonight as long as everything is still a "go". He is still going to try get to the embassy, but we have been told they are no longer issuing any humanitarian parole's. He may get turned away right away without even trying. PLEASE pray things change. If he gets turned away from the Embassy he is going to try get to CAP to help out there. We have some people stateside that are still trying to help get all our kids out. We just don't know what is happening with any of it.

Send to all your prayer warriors you know!

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