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Friday, February 26, 2010

KSTP TV - Our Reese is home!!

Here is the link to the article with video.

MN mother, new adopted son back from Haiti

Sarah Thacker, who traveled to Haiti to bring six orphans to the U.S., is thankful to be back in Minnesota with her family and her new adopted son, Reese.

"I'm just filled with joy and thankful to God to help us get us all out," Thacker said.

Haitian police stopped Thacker on Saturday as she was leaving Haiti with the adopted children, Thacker said.

"They started attacking saying, 'Who are you? We want to see their adoption papers,'" Thacker said.

Even after the U.S. Embassy got involved, Haitian police detained Thacker for nine hours, Thacker said.

"We never thought they'd take the kids from us so that was the worst part of it," Thacker said.

Earlier this week, Thacker was reunited with Reese, Thacker said.

"He came running into my arms and basically hasn't left since," Thacker said.

On Wednesday, Thacker and the Haitian children arrived in Miami where the other five orphans connected with their adoptive families, Thacker said.

For the Thackers, they have already inducted Reese as member number five of their family.

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