Children of the Promise, HAITI

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Small update on kids leaving.

Ever since January 12th, when the earthquake hit, things have been very chaotic. The biggest change we have seen at COTP is all the children going to their adoptive families. We have had a total of 3 go to Canada and 23 go to the US and 3 to the US for medical treatment. We have another 7 waiting to join their adoptive families and 3 for medical treatment. Nearly every time it was time for a child to leave it was very rushed. The children did not get to have their usual "going away" party. Our long-term volunteers and Haitian nannies didn't get the time to say goodbye to the children, but they are all thrilled that they are home with their families and hopeful that the remaining 7 will be able to join their families soon. Here are a few photos of the quick good-byes and a few from one of the numerous trips to Port-au-Prince with the kids.
Nannies saying goodbye to Fabienne

Jamie Saying goodbye to Mari

Jude and Christy in the truck heading out

Owen saying "goodbye" to his friend Alix

Eli saying "goodbye" to a nanny

The nannies loving on and saying "goodbye" to Chelda. They were SO excited for her as she has waited a long time. 

Jenny giving goodbye kisses to Sasia. 

Jamie bringing Richard and Sasia to the truck to leave. 

Woodson THRILLED to finally be going home.

Fabienne getting goodbye kisses from her friend Mika.

Jamie loading Mari in the truck getting ready to leave. 

UN Helicopter

Mickenson with an escort (Calvin)
Escort, Calvin, with Johnson, Albert, Maranatha, and Reese ready to get on the plane for PAP.
Albert, Maranatha, Johnson, and Reese waiting in the airport

Escort, Calvin, with Maranatha, Johnson, Mickenson, and Maria

All the kids waiting at the airport. 

One of the planes

Kids waiting in the shade of the wing. 

On the small plane. 


Kari said...

Thank you for sharing these pictures!! It is great to see Chelda and Woodson heading home to their families. They have both waited so long. :)

ManyBlessings said...

I agree with Kari! It is so exciting to see Chelda and Woodson heading home!! Thanks guys for EVERYTHING you do!!!

Michelle said...

I am so happy for all the children going to to their families. It was aweosme to see the pictures of Chelda, she was there when I visited almost 4 years ago!! Thank you for postng these beautiful pictures.