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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Meet Aska, Frandley, and Sammy

Ashka is a 2 year old little girl who has Cerebral Palsy. She was brought to us by her mother who was referred by a friend who is familiar with COTP. Ashka's father died the begining of July and had been sick for a long time. The mother has had 4 children, all of whom died before reaching the age of one. Ashka had a twin who died at 9 months. We will take care of Ashka and hope this mother does not have to go through losing another child.

Ashka at AdmissionAshka this past weekend

Frandley, was born in April 09. He is very skinny and tall. His dad brought him after the mom left Frandley with him in June. Before his mother left, his father was working in Port au Prince. He cannot care for Frandley and work to support him at the same time. We hope to care for him for 2 months until his father is able to find some help and workFrandley at admission

Samuel (his mother calls him Sammy) is 11 months old. We believe he has a syndrome, possibly Down Syndrome. His mom is living in a village sponsored by Food for the Poor in Cap Haitien. His father died in the eartquake and she has 2 other children living with her. We have agreed to take Sammy for 3 months so his mother can get back on her feet and figure out the best way to care for them all. She really wants to take Sammy back home, but wants us to help figure out what his needs are going to be and how best to keep him healthy.

Sammy at admission

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