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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Baby Shama

Shama has been in our care for 2.5 months, but has spent the majority of her time at the hospital. She had downs syndrome and a significant heart-defect with a lot of complications that go along with that. Shama's little body could no longer fight and she passed away Monday night at the hospital. On Sunday, Amy (our nurse) heard that Shama had caught another infection and her little body wasn't strong enough to fight it.
Shama's mother is heart broken, she wailed and cried a lot and it was hard to watch as Shama's 9 year old brother tried to comfort his mother telling her that her baby girl was now with their father. Shama's family has gone through so much, losing their dad/husband, moving from PAP after the earthquake (and losing all their possessions) and Shama struggling with her health for so long.
We are thankful that she no longer has to fight and is in heaven now. Please keep Shama's family in your prayers and the nannies who cared for her. Also be praying for our COTP as there have been too many loses lately.

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Joy Portis said...

I'm so sad to hear this. I am praying for her mother as she mourns the loss of this precious baby girl! I am just heartbroken!