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Thursday, February 3, 2011

A lot of Changes

This past month we have had a lot of changes here at COTP which is always exciting to see.  We have had five children reunited with their biological families and have admitted six children into our care!


Anelle and Annella are eleven month old twin girls who we admitted on December 29, 2010.  They originally came to COTP in September because they were very small and sick.  After talking with their Mother we decided to enroll them in the formula program in order to improve their health without having to separate their family.  They remained in the program for three months, but returned very sporadically for their milk.  Their Mother couldn't afford a taxi to come out every two weeks as we requested.  After three months these girls had gained less than half a pound each.  Their Mother asked us to keep them for three months in order to help them gain weight.

At ten months old, Anelle weighed 11 lbs 2 oz and Anella weighed 7 lbs 15 oz.  Both girls have gained weight and are making great strides developmentally.  Anelle has moved out to the baby house and enjoys being with the other children.  Her sister is still staying with volunteers as she has not gained weight as quickly as her sister.  Please pray that these girls can quickly gain weight so that they can return home to their Mother who loves them dearly!
Anella and Anelle
Lovenson and Livenson were admitted on Christmas Eve when they were 8 days old.  Their Mother passed away a few hours after they were born.  The hospital referred their father and Aunts to us.  Both of the boys were very small and so we agreed to keep them for three months until their father would be able to better care for them.  Both boys are staying in the volunteer house and are gaining great weight.  Their first few days here we had to feed Livenson with an NG tube because he would not suck, however they both are drinking well and doing great!

At admit Lovenson weighed 7 lbs while his brother weighed 4.  They have each gained over 3 lbs in the short amount of time they have been with us!

Lovenson and Livenson
Manuella was brought to COTP because her Mom is ill at the moment and has been admitted to the local hospital.  Her grandma is staying at the hospital in order to help take care of her Mom.  Manuella has no other Aunts or Uncles to help watch her while her Mom is sick.  Once her Mom is better she will be able to return home with her.  Manuella spent a few days in the volunteer house, but has since moved to the Jiraf room where she is doing very well.

Moise was abandoned at the local hospital.  He is now six weeks old and doing well in our care.  He is staying in the volunteer house so that we can monitor his growth and help him gain weight before he is moved to the baby house.


Jackson was admitted to COTP last December because he was severely malnourished.  Over the past year he has made some amazing progress and his personality has began to flourish.  He went from a very shy little boy who was often upset, to an out going toddler who loved to smile and laugh!  He loved going to preschool and was beginning to talk a lot.  His father recently returned to COTP wanting to take Jackson home.  We are extremely happy that we had the opportunity of taking care of this amazing little boy while he was here.  One of our nannies lives close to him and has told us that he is adjusting well to being back with his father.  Please pray that he continues to do well in his fathers care and that he rebonds with him!  Jackson is greatly missed by his friends, nannies, and volunteers!

Jackson with Anita, his nanny

In October there was a little boy abandoned at our gate.  We knew nothing about this little boy but one of the nannies gave him the name of Moise, which is Creole for Moses.  On December 27 2010  a women showed up saying she was his Mother.  She had a lot of proof that she was his Mother and knew many of the details about the day he was left here.  She left him in order to go to the Dominican Republic for work.  She now has a job and is able to care for her son, whose real name is Fred.  We are glad that this ended happily and that he was able to be reunited with his Mother who he missed dearly.

Frandley was admitted to COTP in July after his Mother left him with his Dad.  His Dad was unable to care for him and work at the same time.  When Frandley was first admitted, he was very skinny.  For months Frandley refused to put any pressure on his legs.  About a month ago Frandley began to crawl, stand, and walk when assisted.  This is a huge development for him!  His Father recently came and took him home since he now has the capabilities to care for him!  Please pray that Frandley continues to do well with his Father and improve developmentally.

Dalenka has been in our care since March when she was just 2.5 weeks old.  Her Aunt has continued to visit and recently decided to take her home.  During Dalenka's stay with us, she has captured many hearts and had several people fall in love with her!  Dalenka loves to crawl and goes all over the place!  Please pray that she does well in her aunts care.

Dalenka with her Aunt
Rosemerlin was admitted to COTP in August.  She was fourteen months old but only weighed 7 lbs.  Since being in our care she has learned to sit up and has gained a lot of weight!  Her grandparents recently came to COTP and took her home with them.  They love her very much and are thrilled that she is healthy enough to go with them!  She is enrolled in the Formula program to ensure a smooth transition home, so we will be able to see her every two weeks and monitor her weight and health!  Please pray that she continues to gain weight and stays healthy in their care.

Visits from Graduates

We currently have several children who have graduated from COTP on our formula program to help ensure a smooth transition home.  I am please to say how well each of these children are doing.  Today Wednaldy came for his formula, and had gained 3 lbs since we had seen him last.  He looked so good that he graduated from the program today.  Chelie, Gaelle, and Sammy are also in the program and doing well.  This past week when they came, we were all amazed to see that Sammy is learning to sit on his own.  Chelie and Gaelle continue to gain weight consistently and are bonding with their parents!

Wednaldy and his Aunt

Mack and Gina have both come back this past week to visit.  Gina is very attached to her father and would prefer nothing to do with us.  This is great and we are very excited to see this.  Mack was very timid at first and wasn't sure how to behave around us.  He eventually began to smile and feel more comfortable.  Both children look very healthy and seem to be doing great in their homes!  This is a huge blessing to see them and know that they are adjusting well!
Mack and Amy

Medical Visa's

Loudjenca is a five month old little girl that we are helping to get a Medical Visa for. We are almost finished with all of the paperwork for her, and then she will be traveling to the Dominican Republic for her heart surgery.  Please pray for Loudjenca and her Mom as everything comes together.
Loudjenca with her Mom
We are also working on a Medical Visa for Guerlin, a little boy who stayed at COTP for a few months while we assessed his medical needs.  We have found a surgeon, but are still waiting approval from the program that will cover the costs of his surgery.   Please pray that we are approved soon so that this little boy can receive the surgery that he needs.

Staff and Volunteers

On February 12, Tori Huftalin will be moving down to COTP to volunteer for a year.  Tori is a nurse and will be helping Amy with the day to day medical needs, med files, and also taking an active role in our prenatal program.  Please pray that Tori enjoys her last few days in the States as she prepares for her move and that she will have safe travels to Haiti.  It's always great to have new staff members as they bring in fresh ideas and energy.

Jenn Schenk moved to COTP in December and has committed to volunteering for a year with us.  Jenn is working a lot with the children and helping guide short term volunteers in activities that the children will do.  She also helps do preschool three days a week with the older children.  Jenn hopes to do community outreach and is going to be starting a Basketball Camp soon with some of the children from our village.  Jenn has been a great addition to our team and we love having her around!  She brings in some much needed energy and is always positive!

We have several groups and volunteers coming down to work over the next few months.  We are very excited for all the projects they will work on as well as the extra love and attention they will give our children.  Please pray for all of these people as they prepare to come down and that God will use them to benefit our children and organization.

Cholera Update

Although Cholera is by no means over, it seems to have calmed down recently.  Our friends at the local hospital have told us that they still consistently have around 10 patients at any given time who are being treated for this bacteria, however that is down from the 80 that they were seeing at a time.  We have not heard of any cases in our direct vicinity, and our nannies and children have so far not been affected.  We have been taking, and will continue to take, many precautions to minimize our risk of getting it here.  COTP is very fortunate to have our own well with clean water, so we really don't have much to worry about.  We are so thankful that all of our staff have been healthy and have not been affected directly by Cholera.


We currently have several children who are in the process of being adopted.  Please pray that this will be completed as fast as possible so that they can go home to their new families.  Also please be continual prayer for the children who are waiting to be matched with their adoptive families.

Thank you all for your continual prayers and support.  We could not do this without each and everyone of you!


Rosar celebrated her first birthday on the 28th of January.  We enjoyed celebrating with her under the Mango tree.  Rosar was very excited about her butterfly cake!

Children's Development

Wilson started walking on his own two weeks ago.  He has been trying for a while and slowly getting closer.  Then one morning he took 8 steps in a row.  He continues to improve every day.  We are so excited to see him reach this amazing mile stone!

Wilson at Christmas

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