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Thursday, June 2, 2011

June 1, 2011

Admits 2: 

Rose-Merline was admitted to COTP last August as a severely malnourished fifteen month old baby. She stayed at COTP until January when she was able to be reunited with her grandparents.  During her time at COTP, she gained a lot of weight and caught up developmentally.  When she was reunited with her family, she was also admitted to the formula program so that we could ensure a smooth transition home and that she continued to gain weight and do well developmentally.  Each month that Rose Merline would return, she had lost weight.  The Grandma loves her dearly and wants what is best, but is unaware of what nutritional needs toddlers have.  We continued to educate her on this area, but Rose Merline continued to loose weight.  Rose Merline has since been readmitted to COTP.  She has been gaining weight well here and has readjusted really well!  She is currently living in the Bato room, but we hope to move her up to the toddler section soon!

Fritlin's came to us a few days ago because his parents are currently unable to care for him.  He is doing really well developmentally and has transitioned well to life here.  His parents are hoping to be able to bring him home with them in three months!  Please pray for this family and this amazing little boy!

Discharges 0: 

Birthdays 1:
Joshua recently celebrated his 5th birthday.  He was very excited as all of his friends and nannies gathered around under the tree and ate cake!  His nannies even enjoyed wearing birthday hats with him!

Development 2:
Rodney and Christella are now walking!  

Baby Wipes 
Liquid hand soap 
Baby lotion 
Hand sanitizer
Diapers, All sizes
8 oz bottles (used for Formula program as well)

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