Children of the Promise, HAITI

Friday, November 28, 2008

Children of the Promise

Mission Statement:Provide for the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of infants who've been orphaned or abandoned.Reunite the infants with their birth families whenever possible.Facilitate families in the adoption of children with little or no hope of being reconnected with their birth families.
Please help:
The past several years our donors have really blessed our staff and kids with great Christmas presents. We have appreciated the thoughtfulness and it made the Christmas season easier for those that spent the holiday in Haiti.

This year we are asking for those wanting to do something special for us at Christmas to
to send money or supplies that we use on a regular basis. This past year Haiti has had too many incidents that have cause unforeseen problems for all of us. The hurricanes of course made the most headlines. With everything factored in, the price of food, utilities, wages to the staff, transportation (and the list goes on) we are looking at a very tight end of the year. Having our daily needs met would be more wonderful than the toys, and clothes, and candy of the past. Please understand, we did enjoy them and are very appreciative for that, but this year our situation is very different.
Thanks for helping
Bud and Jan Bonnema

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