Children of the Promise, HAITI

Saturday, December 13, 2008

- Marieloude, one of our nannies, gave birth to a healthy baby girl this past week.
- Brice and Sara have safely made it back to COTP after their time in the States.
- Katia is on her way home to Oregon with her adoptive Mom, Heidi, and her grandma!!
- Caleb and Elijah have their passports
- Daniela had her medical appointment in PAP and all went well.
- Skin infections in the baby rooms are clearing up!

Staff and Nannies
- Pray that all the nannies take joy in their work.
- Foufoun, who is pregnant, fell at work last week. She is resting at home now after being checked out by a doctor. Pray that she remains healthy throughout the rest of her pregnancy.
- Darlene, one of our kitchen ladies, is pregnant and due around Christmas. Pray for a safe delivery and a healthy baby.
- Mary, a volunteer from Canada, arrives tomorrow, December 13. Also arriving tomorrow is Doug, Ella’s adoptive dad. Pray for safe travels for both of them and that their time at COTP will be a blessing.
- Arlyn and Maria are both leaving on Tuesday. They are going home – Arlyn to British Columbia and Maria to Ireland – to celebrate Christmas with their families. Pray for safe travels for both of them and that their time at home will be restful and relaxing.
- Lindsay and Rebekah, two volunteers that are coming in January. They are interested in staying at COTP long-term. Pray for their time at COTP and that God would make the decision clear.

Babies and Children
- Pierre is still in the hospital with fevers. He’s still requiring an IV but is eating a bit better.
- Florcie, almost 3 months old, is also in the hospital with severe vomiting and diarrhea. She is on an IV and is showing improvement.
- Myllanta, 6 ½ months, has been sick recently. She’s not keeping her formula down and has a bad infection in her mouth. She’s at the hospital today having some tests run.
- Pray for Jon’s g-tube site to continue healing
- Irelene was admitted to Children of the Promise on November 28. She was brought to COTP by her grandfather because her Mother isn’t around. Irelene was born on August 26 and weighs 11lbs. She is drinking really well but right now she has a little vomiting and diarrhea bug. Pray that this clears up quickly.
- Ronel was brought to COTP on December 6 by his father. He is 8 months old and weighs 14lbs 4oz. His mother passed away and is father is unable to care for him. Ronel drinks really well and is healthy. Pray that this continues and that he does well at COTP.
- Rosemika was brought to COTP on December 7 by her aunt. Rosemika is the daughter of Fonise, one of our nannies. Fonise has been struggling for a long time with health issues and she has reached the point where she is unable to care for Rosemika. Rosemika is 15 months old and weighs 13lbs 3oz. Rosemika is very weak and malnourished – she is able to sit up but can’t crawl and doesn’t try to move around at all. Please be praying for sweet Rosemika!
- Samuel went home to his birth family this past week. He is 3 years old and has been at COTP since he was a little baby. Pray that his family is diligent with giving him his meds. Pray for a smooth transition for Samuel as COTP is all he’s ever known.
- Mickenson was at COTP from March to May of 2008. He then returned home to his birth family. They recently stopped by COTP with Mickenson and his new twin brothers – making 6 children in the family. The mother refuses to leave Mickenson and his brothers at COTP but it is obvious that they are suffering from malnutrition. Please be praying for them and that their mother would make the best decision for her children.
- Nallie, who was in Indianapolis on a medical visa, passed away on Friday, December 5. You may remember her from my prayer emails earlier this year. She was at COTP from September 2007 to July of 2008 when she left for the States. She was loved dearly by her host/adoptive family, Matt, Heidi, and Carter. Please be praying for them as they grieve her loss.

- Pray that Thania’s visa will be printed today. Her adoptive mother is scheduled to arrive on Haiti on Tuesday.
- Pray that Peterly and Magalie will get the paper that they need so their visas can be printed.
- Pray that all the files would move through the different offices quickly and efficiently.
- Pray that Antonio, Paulaine, and Herns will see great rewards from their hard work.
- Pray that adoptive families would step forward and adopt the children that we have with special needs. Pray specifically for our precious special needs children: Djoulissa, Joshua, Caleb, Reese, Christy, Alix, Jesula, and Jon.
- Pray that our crèche license would be obtained quickly so that we can continue processing adoptions.
- Chrislande needs another paper before she can have her visa appointment. Pray that that paper will be obtained this week.
- Caleb and Elijah and birthparent interviews coming up. Pray that these will go well and that shortly after that they will be able to get their visas and go home to their adoptive families!
- Daniela, Geff, and ti-Simon have birthparents interviews in PAP on December 22nd. Pray that these go well.

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