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Monday, December 15, 2008

Help Needed

The following are positions we need to fill soon. Even if you feel you do not have the skills to be a nurse or even the adoption worker, but feel you would still like to volunteer and help with the babies or maintenance of the facility we need you too! Please contact us if you are interested in longer-term volunteering.
Are you interested in a long term, challenging but rewarding, experience? Consider giving of your time and talent to help these babies.


At least 20 years old


A heart of compassion for children.

There are places for singles, male or female and couples.

There are many skills needed:
Are you handy with tools, plumbing, electrical, mechanical, or vehicles?

Do you have organizational skills, teaching, childcare, or simply caring about people?

It's helpful to know French or Haitian Creole, but it's not necessary. You can take classes in Creole from our staff when you arrive in Haiti.

Could you commit to 3 months, 6 months, 1 year or even longer?

All of our volunteers, long-term and short-term raise their own support of $100.00 per week plus airfare.
This will include a private room with bathroom and shower. (as we get our new building done)
Two meals a day prepared by our cook.
Access to a kitchen with refrigerator and stove to make other meals for yourself with the food available.
Filtered drinking water.
Laundry done by our Haitian staff.
Computer internet available

And best of all, a chance to hold, love, teach and pray over our very precious babies.

Please consider the call that God may have put on your heart for the children of Haiti. Contact Jan at for more long-term volunteer information or Katie Smith at for short-term volunteer information.

Bud and Jan Bonnema
Adoption Worker:
This position will require someone who is very self-motivated and organized. There is room for the worker to develop and shape the current system to what works best for them. A background knowledge of French is helpful but not required, however, will need to learn Creole to be able to communicate effectively with staff and biological families (there are resources available to begin that before arriving and we can arrange lessons once you are in Haiti).
Oversee all the adoption paperwork in Haiti. From when dossier arrives in Haiti through to completion.
Work alongside Haitian staff to aid in prioritizing and directing what needs to be done on each file.
Be the communication liaison for Robin, passing on all updates/information about files as they progress through the Haitian legal system.
Verify family dossier for completion when it arrives in Haiti.
Prepare child’s file before parent’s dossier arrives in Haiti.
Be responsible for getting children to all necessary appointments in Cap-Haitien and Port-au-Prince (Either by going yourself or arranging for another volunteer to go.)
Will require travel to PAP and arranging for others to travel with children for their appointments.
Keep filing system organized and adapt/change/develop the system as needed.
This position oversees the health and medical care of all the children at COTP. This includes direct care, working with doctors via email and using personal experience concerning treatment when children are sick or injured, keeping medical records on the children and providing preventative care. Experience in the medical field is essential and experience with pediatrics is helpful. Some of the main jobs/duties you would perform are:
Weigh all children monthly, smaller ones weekly
Update medical files
Cut fingernails and hair
Record developmental progress
Assess, examine, diagnose, and treat (including deciding what type of med and figuring the dosage) all sick children
Medical assessments on newly admitted children
Organizing vaccination schedules and giving and monitoring vaccinations (includes working with community health workers who provide vaccinations to the children free of charge)
Treating people from the community (infections, burns, wounds, etc.)
Administering meds every day.
Please check the website for more information

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