Children of the Promise, HAITI

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

More babies coming and going

We are happy to say that our sweet Jina has been reunited with her father. Her father has been a wonderful father and visited Jina often (more than most) and clearly loves her dearly. We are always so thrilled when another little one can turn from being so sickly and malnourished to a happy and healthy little girl. We wish Jina and her father all the best.

In addition to Jina going home, we have had two new admits. The first little boy, Frandley, in April 2009. His father brought him to us looking for help. Frandley is very skinny and will be staying with us for roughly 2 months. His mom left in June and his father had previously been working in PAP, but can no longer do that. Please pray that Frandley does well in our care, that he gains weight, and that his father can find work and help to raise little Frandley.

The other little boy came to us with his mother. His name is Samuel, but his mother calls him Sammy. He is 11 months old and we believe he has some sort of syndrome. Hopefully we can better determine what to help his mom know what to expect when she takes him back home. His father died in the earthquake and his mother has two other children living with her. We have agreed to help care for Sammy for 3 months and his mother would really love to take him back home when she can get back on her feet. She would also really like any help or insight we could give on what Sammy might have and how to best care for him and keep him healthy when he goes home. Please pray for Sammy's mother during this time as she looks for help to get back on her feet, for Sammy to do well, and our staff to have the insight into how to best help Sammy and his mother.

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