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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Preemie Chelie

Again, we are just so amazed at how God is turning our preemies into true miracles. Not only has Daniella gained over 1lb since her arrival, Chelie has also gained over 1lb since her arrival on June 15th. Thats nearly double her weight!! She is being fed via NG tube right now, but you can see how filled out her face is getting. Please keep praying for Chelie to gain weight appropriatly and have no set-backs. She is another one of our many many miracles.

Chelie at admission (only 1lb 13oz)

Chelie today. Look at those cheeks!

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MoDLin said...

Wonderful to see such amazing progress!!! Thanks for sharing this inspiring news and for making such a big difference for these babies.