Children of the Promise, HAITI

Monday, August 23, 2010

Meet Eventz and Wedly

Eventz mother recently received word that his father (who was living and working in the DR) has passed away. She has two children older than Eventz and is struggling to care for them, let alone Eventz. He had a high fever and diarrhea when he was admitted and is very small. He has already gained a few ounces in the time he has been with us and his fever has gone away.


Wedly appears to be fairly healthy. He had been receiving sugar water, rice, and meat. His mother passed away at the beginning of the month while pregnant with another child. His father is not able to provide a safe environment for Wedly as he has to leave during the day to go into the fields to work and search for food. The person who had been taking care of Wedly since his mother's death is now ill and can no longer watch him. He fears that the Wedly will die if forced to remain in this situation. Wedly has two other school aged siblings.


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