Children of the Promise, HAITI

Monday, August 30, 2010

Please Pray

It has been a very trying few days at COTP. For some reason, many of our little ones are getting sick. We had our doctor come yesterday to look at a bunch of the kids because so much is going on. We have had up to 7 kids in the hospital in Milot.
One of our babies, Olivenson, has been especially sick the past few days. We took him to Milot Saturday morning and had to wait for several hours to just be seen. Then yesterday morning he passed away. We believe he was septic and the infection had spread over his whole body. Please pray for his mom as she has also recently lost her 12 year old daughter.


Our volunteers have been going pretty much non-stop with all our sick kids. We have them segregated all over the place for different reasons and hopefully we will be able to get them all healthy very soon. Almost every child has had something this last week or so. Please pray for complete healing for all our babies and for our staff to remain healthy and energized during this trying time.

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