Children of the Promise, HAITI

Friday, April 29, 2011

They're Here!!

After three long days of waiting, Nick finally called me and said that the container which held our solar panels had arrived and to send the yard guys in with the truck to pick them up!  Each day Nick would return home and say with confidence, "They're coming tomorrow, for sure this time."  As you all know, this is Haiti and so nothing is ever for sure!  The fact that it only took three days is actually kind of a miracle in itself.

We were worried that some of them may be broken but they were all delivered here, carried up two flights of stairs, and are now on our roof in one piece waiting to be installed.  The team of electricians arrive on the 5th of May to install them and we are very excited about this!  The trip has been delayed twice, but it appears that was for the best as our panels just now arrived!

Our yard guys and a few men from the community were all so excited yesterday as they hauled them up to the roof.  They were all smiles the entire time and kept saying "Dousman, Dousman." Slow, Slow.  I think they were all just as scared as Nick was to drop one!

Thanks to everyone who helped make this project possible!  

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