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Friday, May 6, 2011

The installation begins!

Yesterday morning our team of 6 electricians arrived to install our solar panels.  They were all so anxious to get to work that they hardly paid any attention during their tour and got to work as quickly as they could.  The team has been working hard and we have already seen some great progress!

Fifteen of the twenty-seven panels were installed yesterday and a lot of the wire was pulled.  Once again this morning the team is hard at work!  The goal is for us to be completely running off of solar power by tomorrow evening!  After they are finished installing the panels and all that is involved with that, we have several other electrical tasks for them to work on around the compound!

COTP feels so blessed to have such a great team who are excited about working hard to complete this project!  Please pray that the installation goes as smoothly as possible and that our team stays safe and healthy during their time here!

Thanks for your support and continual prayers!
Birthdays: 0

COTP Grads: 3
Asmessi has been in the formula program since being reunited with his family in March.  He now weighs 13 lbs 12.2 oz (6.24 kg), which is a long way from the 3 lbs 3 oz baby we first met when he was admitted to COTP.  He now sits up on his own and can stand when assisted.  His father loves him dearly and is doing a great job with him.

Gaelle has also been in the formula program since being reunited with her family in January.  She weighs 16 lbs 12.2 oz (7.32 kg) and is doing well in her home.  Her family loves her dearly and are doing a great job with her!  Please pray that she continues to do great in their care!

Last week during Formula Program we were sad to find out that little Livenson had passed away.  A few weeks before Livenson and his twin brother had returned to live with their Aunts.  Livenson had been sick and stayed in the hospital for a while before right before returning home.  He got sick again and his aunts took him to the hospital, but their was nothing they could do for him.

His twin brother Lovenson however is doing better than I have ever seen him.  He is smiling, sitting up, and gaining good weight!  Please pray for this family as they mourn the lost of their loved ones and for Lovenson when he gets older and wants to know about his twin brother.

Sabine, Annelle, and Robert are all beginning to walk and Jennie-Flore is doing amazing sitting up!  Anel is now crawling and able to stand when assisted!  He is doing amazing with his new leg braces!  Praise God for these developments!

Health Concerns: 
One of our children had a 103.8 fever last night and was admitted to the hospital.  Please pray that her fever goes down and that she is able to return home soon!
Rice Cereal (we have less than a weeks worth left)
Size three diapers
Liquid Hand Soap/Hand Sanitizer
Crocks (sandals) Size 3-6

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