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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

May 14 2011

Admits 1:
Judeline was admitted Wednesday May 11.  He and his family had come to COTP several time over the last few weeks and he has been loosing weight.  Judeline is older than we would like to take, but felt that he needed to be here.  His Mother passed away recently and he has been living with his two older sisters.  They currently do not have the means to take care of him and are hoping to get their housing situation figured out soon so that they can take him back.  Judeline is a very sweet pleasant young man.  He began playing with toys his first day here which is very rare to see.  Although he is quite, he speaks a lot and answers questions when he is asked.  He is living in the Alligator room at the moment and seems to be adjusting well to his life here.

Discharges 3:

Moise was able to be united with his adoptive family earlier this week.  His parents live in Cap Haitien and were so excited to take home their little baby.  Through out their adoption process they came and visited him often.  We had a going away party for him with all of his friends and nannies.  Before it started his parents called and told us we didn’t need to dress him because they were bringing him a special outfit they wanted him to wear.  We are confident he will do well in his new home!

Moise with his parents and Cousin
Magdaline (Maggie) has lived at COTP for about 6 months and on Tuesday her biological family came and asked to take her home with them.  It’s always our first goal to reunite families if possible and we do all we can to make this happen.  We are beyond happy that Maggie will now be able to grow up with her family, however she was just matched with an adoptive family a few weeks before which makes this a difficult situation.  Please pray that Maggie does well at home and for the family who was planning on adopting her.

Deborah came to COTP about a month ago with her Grandma and Aunt.  At the time she was very sick and malnourished, however she quickly improved here.  She went from being really picky and not eating anything, to being the best eater in her room.  She even began to play and smile.  However last week Deborah had really high fevers as well as vomiting and diarrhea.  We put an IV in her and gave her tylenol, but her fevers stay at 104.7, so we rushed her to the hospital on Saturday night.  Unfortunately she passed away the next afternoon.  Please pray for her Grandma and Aunt who loved her dearly and were planning on taking her home in a few months.

Birthdays 0:
Lousianna is now sitting up and Adlin’s legs are now strong enough to stand and crawl!  Please pray that he starts walking soon!

COTP Grads:
Frandley came back to visit earlier this week with his father!  He is doing really well, gianing weight, and can now fully walk!  Frandley is huge and bonded well with his father!  Praise the Lord for these things!

Through out my time here, I have learned that God will always provide.  We were down to about a day supply of rice cereal, but last Thursday we received several boxes in the mail, enough to last us 1-2 months.  Time and time again God has provided for COTP just when we needed it!  Thanks to all of you who help make it possible for us to provide and care for our babies!
-Baby lotion (we are down to 1 bottle)
-Baby Wash
-Size 3 diapers
-Childrens Tooth paste
-Liquid hand soap
-Rice Cereal

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