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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Medical Visa's

Lately COTP has been very blessed to be able to help facilitate several children in our area to receive surgery through the medical visa process.  It is often difficult if not impossible for children to receive surgery here and their only option is to go to a foreign country to have these done.  The paper work process is challenging and hard to navigate.  Luckily we have the resources to help them with this process.  We would like you to met a few of the kids that we have been blessed to help in the past few months.

Loudjenka:  Amy, one of our nurses, met Loudjenka and her Mom at the local hospital in November.  Her Mom approached Amy and explained that her Daughter was diagnosed with a heart condition, and she needed help finding a way to make sure she was able to get surgery.  Amy wrote a few emails and we began working on her passport so that she could go to the Dominican Republic for her surgery.  During this time we admitted her to the formula program to ensure that she stayed as healthy as possible in the mean time.  There were several times through out this process that it seemed impossible, but God always pulled through and provided for this little girl.  In February Loudjenka, accompanied by her parents, Amy, and Jenn crossed the boarder and was on her way to Santiago for surgery.  While there the doctors did and ECHO, which revealed that the hole in her heart was closing.  Loudjenka would not need surgery at that point.  However, Loudjenka and  her family went back to the DR two weeks ago for another appointment, and this time was scheduled for surgery.  She is still there recovering, but over all is doing really well!

Loudjenka during her first trip to the DR.

Tania: Tania and her Mom were referred to COTP by Rony, one of our adoption workers.  She was desperately in need of a cleft palette surgery, and at 6 months old only weighed just over 8 lbs.  After several emails with out any response back, God provided us with a person who could help.  One of our volunteers was friends with a board member of the LEAP Foundation who comes to Haiti Frequently to preform these surgeries.  We finally were able to get in contact with the organization and they were very excited to help out Tania.  Tania, her Mom, Jenn, and Tori all hoped on a plane and headed to Port Au Prince in the beginning of May to meet the visiting surgeons.  While there, Tania received surgery for her cleft lip.  She will need to return in July for surgery on her Cleft Palette, and the team has agreed to do that one as well while they are back in Haiti.

Tania when we first met her.
Tania after her first surgery

Guerlin: Guerlin came to COTP with his Mom several times last summer because he was sick.  Amy began to believe that he might have a heart condition, so he was admitted to COTP for a few months so that we could monitor his health.  During this time we were able to take him to Port Au Prince for an ECHO, where we verified that he does in fact have a heart defect.  Guerlin's health was stable and he was able to be reunited with his Mother.  He has been in the formula program ever since so that we could continue to monitor his health.  After months of email, phone calls, and appointments, we finally had his passport and all of his paperwork in place for him to go to the DR for surgery.  Guerlin, his Mom, and Amy went to Santiago to met the visiting team (the same one who worked with Loudjenka) and he was scheduled to have surgery their second to last day there.  However, he woke up that morning with a fever and was not able to have the surgery.  His Mom still has not lost hope and is doing all she can for her son.  Guerlin will be going back to the DR in August when the team returns and will hopefully have the surgery then.

Guerlin and his family when he was discharged from COTP
Guerlin and his Mom in the DR
Marck:  Marck was admitted to our formula program almost two months ago because he was extremely malnourished and not gaining weight.  At 4 months old he weighed just over 6 lbs.  Even in the formula he continued to not gain weight.  During his visit, Tori began to feel that something more was going on with Marck.  At first we thought it was pneumonia, but after checking his stats and a breathing treatment, we felt it was his heart.  Marck has been staying at COTP for the past 3.5 weeks and is on oxygen 24/7 to ensure that his Stats stay high enough.  We had some visiting doctors come out and do an ECHO on his heart.  They found that he does in fact have a heart condition and that he needs surgery.  We have began the paperwork process and are trying to get his passport so that he can travel to the DR in August with Guerlin.  Marcks Mom has been by his side the entire time and is a very devoted and loving Mother who would do anything for her son.  His father often talks about Marcks future and how he hopes he will be a preacher and speak 4 languages!

Marck with his Mom and Dad
Marck celebrating Haitian Flag Day!
Jerry: Jerry has lived at COTP for almost a year now and is desperately in need of a surgery to place a shunt in his head to release some of the pressure that is caused from  his hydrochepulus.  Jerry now has a passport and we are working on the last little details to ensure that he will be able to travel to the States to receive his much needed surgery.  We are hoping he will be able to leave soon!

Joseph: About six weeks ago Joseph was admitted to COTP.  He has already gained 5 lbs during his short stay with us and is such a pleasant little baby.  Joseph has cataracts in his eyes and a prolapsed anus.  He is in need of surgery for each of these and the longer he waits the higher the chances are that he won't gain his sight.  Joseph's passport should be finished soon and we are hoping he will be able to travel to the States ASAP for his surgery.

One thing that has amazed all of us Staff at COTP is how loving and devoted each of their parents/grandparents are.  Loudjenka's parents will fight to make sure that their daughter receives the care she needs, Guerlin and his Mom have an incredibly close bond, Marck clearly loves his parents and they would do anything for their son, Jerry's Mom has made difficult decisions based on what she feels is best for him, and Joseph's Dad and Grandma visit often and are always over joyed to see their beautiful boy.

Helping these little ones with their medical needs has been a lot of work for many people here and in the States, but I strongly feel that each one of them would do it again and would say that they feel blessed for being able to be a part of their surgeries!  Please pray for each of these children, their health, and their families.

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